What are general medical books?

General medical books mean different things to different people. To a medical person “general medical’ may signify a medical textbook that contains medical knowledge that is relevant to the practice of “general medicine” or medical practice without any specific organ or tissue focus. For example, Family Medicine and General Internal Medicine are considered general medical specialties in the United States. Similar medical practitioners are called General Practitioner or GP. There are many different books, textbooks, reference guides, journals as well as booklets and handbooks that are written for medical practitioners in the general medical practice.

In this website, our focus about general medical books is slightly different. For our purpose, we will consider a different category of books as general medical books. We will focus on books that give you information about the practice of medicine that are written for the general population as opposed to the books that are targeted to the medical professions. There are thousands of books in this category if you consider all books that give you some form of medical advice. There are books that give you complete information in layman terms that give you information about different diseases and conditions and give you advice and opinion about what to do to live a better life with these diseases. There are also books that give you several different points of views and opinions about how to live healthy and how to prevent diseases.The focus of this website is also not on these types of book.

Which categories of general medical books are reviewed here?

The focus of this website is on those medical books that are written for the general public with no medical background and give a doctor’s view of the medical practice to everyone. These books take you on a journey to the world of medicine as seen from the eye of the doctor. There are not many good books in this category. We will, therefore, review the few books that are available. Doctors do not frequently write this kind of books because they are normally not very convinced that the “inside knowledge” of medical practice needs to be told to the general public. Also, some doctors are hesitant to reveal these weakness, uncertainties and subjectiveness of modern medicine to the general public as they fear losing the confidence of their patients. Some of these books are based on the doctors personal experience while others try to portray how doctors think and make decisions about diagnosis and treatment. Others describe to you about the day-to-day experiences, challenges, excitements and frustrations of different medical specialties. Books of this nature not only are very interesting to read but also give you important inside information about how health care decisions are made. They give you more information than that could be obtained by just reading the books that give you medical advice. Once you understand how doctors think and what things are important in making the diagnosis and treatment decisions, you will better understand how your health care is delivered. These books do not give you specific medical advice but help you better understand the specific medical advice that your doctor gives you.